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What Can We Do About Cellulite?

A blight on our buttocks, hips and thighs, the dreaded cellulite is estimated to affect around 90% of women after puberty.

But what exactly is it and can we do anything to get rid of it?

Cellulite is actually a term to describe fat deposits under the skin. These particular deposits look dimpled because the surrounding connective tissue is weakened and therefore fills more easily with fat. The fat cells, often enlarged with age, then push through the connecting fibres of the skin producing a dimpled or "cottage cheese" effect on the surface.

The condition affects far more women than men and although is considered medically harmless, it can create a lot of concern and stress to those who suffer from it. 

Weight loss and exercise doesn't always solve the problem as cellulite can be found on even the fittest and most slender bodies. However, lack of efficient circulation from a sedentary lifestyle or nutritional deficiencies can sometimes be a contributory factor and accelerate the formation of cellulite so movement is important.

Increasing the circulation is the motivation behind most products available to help combat the signs of cellulite. Skin brushing and massage may help and products to speed up the circulation can also be of benefit and help to reduce built up toxins as well.

Many products targeting cellulite use caffeine as a stimulant to fight the fat cells but this can be counter productive as it introduces toxins to the area. The Karin Herzog Silhouette Cream works in a totally different way as it utilises the power of oxygen to blast through the skin, dispel the toxins with micro massage and stimulate the lymphatic system to remove any debris. The result is a fresh and refined skin with reduced appearance of cellulite.    So good - even Kylie loves it!




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