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Scary Skin Care Facts for Halloween!

Think skin care is all healthy, fresh and clean? Think again with these amazing facts that may make your skin crawl!

1) If you are an adult chances are you have 2 species of mites living on your face. These slug-like anthropds with legs snack on sebum and lay eggs in your pores. A typical face boasts 1 brevis mite per sebaceous gland, and 3–6 folliculorum mites per follicle. Apparently they only crawl out at night to mate! Eeewwww

2) A very high percentage of of lipsticks on the market contain lead, and companies are not required to test for this contaminant, or to disclose it on the label. This may be part of the natural pigment and some researchers think it is not concentrated enough to cause health concerns, however others claim that any amount of lead exposure is too much.




3) Women use an average of 12 personal care products containing 168 ingredients daily; men use an average of 6 personal care products containing 85 unique ingredients daily, and teenage girls use an average of 17 personal care products daily.  Definitely worth choosing a range with top quality ingredients.

4) If you don't remove your make up overnight, your T-zone can feed bacteria that may be left in your foundation and lead to pimples and blackheads. 

5) Apparently it was 1938 that US Congress passed laws relating to the cosmetics industry - almost 80 years ago!















6) People sometimes suggest using a cold spoon or ice to compress puffy eyes, but doing so can actually result in spider veins due to the cold temperature breaking tiny, fragile capillaries in the delicate eye area tissues. Instead, use instant eye depuffing creams (like our Eyelift Kit!) or sleep on a foam pillow.

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