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Are you at your peak age yet?

Although many of us believe the ageing process is something we'd ideally like to avoid, a recent article from Business Insider has trawled through the data to prove that in many respects we peak well into middle and old age.  Younger people may have vitality on their side but as we age our psychological stability improves, so does our ability to achieve greater happiness and satisfaction.

Here's where you might peak at certain ages; 

Age 7     Learning a new language

Age 18   Brain processing power

Age 22   Remembering names

Age 23   Life satisfaction, and female attractiveness to men

Age 25   Muscle Strength

Age 26   Finding a partner for marriage

Age 28   Running a marathon

Age 30   Bone mass

Age 31   Playing chess

Age 32   Remembering faces

Age 39   Salary for women

Age 40   Making a Nobel Prize winning discovery

Age 48   Salary for men

Age 50   Arithmetic skills

Age 51   Understanding people's emotions

Age 69    Life satisfaction (again)

Age 71   Vocabulary

Age 74   Happiness with your body

Age 82   Psychological well-being

So, whether you're 20 or 80 there's still plenty to achieve and look forward to in the years ahead so get out and enjoy them!


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