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10 Ways Make Up Can Make You Look Instantly Younger

Enjoy these make up artist secrets and look instantly younger

1) Be bold with colour.

Don’t be nervous about trying something a little different. Sticking to the same safe neutral, tan and brown tones for your makeup, can start to look dull and lifeless. A splash of instant colour can change your whole look, making your complexion appear healthier and more youthful. 


.2) Prepare for your foundation by applying moisturiser first

 Missing out this step means that your skin will absorb the moisture from your foundation and can leave it looking patchy or flaky.

3) Go for gold in your foundation if you’re over age 45

Gold tones help to neutralise redness, and uneven skin tone while reducing any gray pallor. An instant and easy fix to look healthier and younger.

4) Calm down with the foundation

Use a combination of concealer and foundation so that you avoid trying to cover everything with your foundation which can accentuates wrinkles and doesn’t look natural. Less is definitely more.

6) Reduce your powder if you’re over age 50, unless you have oily skin

Powders have a habit of settling into your wrinkles, making you look older as well as clinging to facial down accentuating facial hair.

 7) Choose a shadow colour that is the opposite of your eye colour

This makeup trick will bring out the colour of your eyes. If you have blue eyes, wear a shade that has brown, copper, bronze, plum or terracotta tones. Enhance brown eyes with blues, purples and greens.

 8) Line the upper inner rims (waterlines) of your eyes with a dark waterproof colour.

This easy tip will help your eyes look more open, fresh and awake!


9) Dab a bit of Vaseline or shiny lip gloss on the middle of your lower lip

This gives the appearance of a fuller mouth, which makes you look younger. Try to avoid dark colours, which make lips look smaller. 

10) For instantly younger looking eyes try The Eyelift Kit – in just 2 minutes eye lines and wrinkles disappear

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